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My Masterwork! Mwaha.

Read it already. Sheesh.

5 August
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my entire life revolves around one magical week in july, and if you're part of that, you understand why. i'm less sure of myself than i appear. i love very deeply, even if the people i love aren't aware of it. i don't want to be a "sister". i secretly thirst for approval. i lust after many people - men and women from stage, screen and daily life - in a lighthearted way, so if you find out you're one of them, don't take it too seriously. i get excited over simple things and way too involved in movies. i have a website devoted to the musical "cats". i get tired of people taking advantage of me. i'm not always mature, because everyone needs a break every now and then. a famous author once called me a countess. now and then, for no reason at all, i need someone. and if they're not there at the time, i wish the goblin king would come and take me away right now. i sing to show the world what i am thinking when i can't put words to it...so if i sing to you, listen to what i might be trying to say.

music: broadway (cats, rent, wicked, phantom of the opera, mamma mia, hairspray, sondheim, many others), forbidden broadway, evanescence, mary chapin carpenter, mary jane lamond, beach boys, sarah brightman, weird al, norah jones, shakira, trans-siberian orchestra, earth wind &; fire, abba, andrea bocelli, the beatles, idina menzel, rockapella, savage garden, nightwish, t.a.t.u, they might be giants, cherry poppin' daddies, ac-rock, tegan & sara, david bowie, the bangles, queen, billy joel, bon jovi, cyndi lauper, joni mitchell, duran duran, avril lavigne, b*witched, enya, gaelic storm, michael jackson, panic! at the disco, prince, phil collins, random 80's, international music, myself when i'm home alone.

movies: Rent, Labyrinth, Little Nicky, RHPS, Maedchen In Uniform, Phantom of the Opera, The Goonies, Mean Girls, both of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movies, Benny &; Joon, Les Choristes, Young Frankenstein, Moulin Rouge, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Ever After, Practical Magic, the first two Addams Family, Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 2, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Metropolis (the original silent version), Run Lola Run.
books, cats, cooking/baking, costume/makeup design, dance, drama, dramatic jewelry., general artsy stuff, genetics, german, good food, kdi, music, musicals, my website, thrift shopping, vintage stores